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You must have many questions about the site, the features and the functions and how best to reach a wider audience. We have extensive range of answers for beginners through to power users.


There are a number of Hajj and Umrah websites out there which can only be a good thing for those seeking Hajj and Umrah packages.
We differ in that we manually review each and every agency and every single package that is added. We try and ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible. Of course there is no guarantee that packages that are advertised are what you actually get when you arrive at your destination. This is something that we hope agencies and their contacts in Saudi can try and address. We will try and facilitate this as much as we can.

We are not owned by any other travel operators and provide completely impartial service. We do not favour one agency over another, but simply level the playing field. If you are a small agency, then we will put you on par with a much larger one. The only difference is the quality of your packages and service that you offer.

We also do not charge for advertising on the site should you wish to add up to 3 packages at any one time.

We also provide reporting so that you can see how many people are viewing your profile, your packages and viewing your contact details.
We also provide you with your very own website address which can be used as a separate marketing URL should you wish. This is all free of course.
The site has a plethora of features and functionality and has been developed from the ground up. We did not use any off the shelf packages which is why the site caters so precisely to the needs of our audience.

We also have several manual and automated control measures implemented to prevent fraudulent activity and false advertising.
All agencies on the site and the packages are represented equally. We do not provide higher search rankings to larger ones. We do not accept payments for increasing package visibility. The only that that an agency can do is to purchase a featured package option.

Some operators have told us that they cannot do the same price as a package that a competitor has advertised, therefore they might get less bookings if they advertise their package. However, people are not only looking for the cheapest price, they are looking also for the best service and other amenities that the larger agents may not be able to provide. For example, a person may be willing to pay more if there is hot Indian food being served in Mina rather than just bread and biscuits. This site would provide you with an online presence, visibility and build a brand recognition which should provide fruitful as time goes by. For example, if I see your site listed here all the time at some point in the future I may be ready to book, and when I see your name it should be recognised as a reputable provider than an operator I have never heard of.
We have a strict policy to ensure that we try and protect customers as much as possible. We check to ensure that the details provided are correct.
E.g. if operator claim to be Hajj ministry approved, we check to ensure that the number and related information is correct. We try and prevent scammers or fraudsters to use the system. If we find such activity then we would report this to the police.

We also check to ensure that all other information they provide is correct.

Therefore as soon as an agency creates an account, we ask them to verify their details manually, we then review the information they have provided before we publish their profile and packages.

The whole process take just an hour or 2 and you are informed all the way.
Alhamdulillah, we have deep knowledge of web and search technologies which we have gained over a long long time. We have bought this together and ask you to remember us in your duas.
If you access your 'View Reports' tab, you will see a list of all the people who have viewed your profile in this month and in the previous month.
You can also see how many people have viewed your packages in that time, broken down by packages.
You can also see how many people have viewed your contact information in the same time period.
These are very useful features and we hope to add more so that you can work out how much value you are getting from the site.
In addition if you simply hover the mouse over the booking, you willl how many bookings you have had for that specific package in addition to the number of views it has had.

Package related

We reward agencies that have a lot of activity. This could be as simple as logging in every day.
Customers are likely to book with agencies that have up to date information and regularly log in. The last time you logged in is always displayed on your public profile.
You can use the social sharing widgets to post your site to the various social networks to get further exposure to people that are not on the site.

We advise you to ensure your profile is well written and you include the MHP logo on all your marketing material. We also suggest you include the link to your public profile on marketing material where possible.

If you really want significantly more exposure then we would be happy to discuss sponsoring of the various parts of the website.
You can advertise as many packages as you like although there is a limit of 3 packages at any one time. This is to prevent people from abusing the site.
We want to ensure that correct and up to date information is provided to customers. If we did not do this, then this opens up the site to fraudsters looking to exploit pilgrims.
You should inform your customers that this is the case. You can do this by either entering this in the description or notes fields when creating a package.

It is usual practice that the flight and hotels are not confirmed until later in the day. You should always inform your customer before they book, and even after once this are confirmed. This will lead to better relationships and hopefully repeat business.
This is another control measure we have implemented to ensure that an agency does not change its offering. If a customer books a package, which is then subsequently changed then they will be sceptical of the service they will get when they actually arrive at the destination. Of course we understand that packages are likely to be changed in which case we allow agencies to create further packages which should reflect the actual details of what to expect.
You can edit your package as many times as you like until you publish it. This is to prevent people to abusing the systems and ultimately prevent false advertising.
Each package is reviewed within a few hours of receiving it. Generally 2-3 hours business hours is taken to review your package. As soon as the status is changed you receive an automatic email informing you so that you can publish it should you choose to.
No, you can receive an unlimited number of enquiries or booking requests.
We have enforced a limit to the number of enquiries you receive for quote requests. This is because of the high amount of traffic we receive. There is currently a limit of 10 Quote requests which you can increase. Simply email us and we can set this up for you free of charge.

Our web pages are also optimised for search engines. Do not be surprised if your Myhajjpackage profile page is displayed in the first page of Google when someone searches for your organisation.
You can, although in order to get more visibility in front of customers, we would advise you to create individual packages for each one.
We will be implementing the feature to send emails directly to the customer. We have a long list of enhancements that we will be making to the site over the coming weeks and months. If you have any good ideas, then do let us know at and we will try and implement accordingly.
Absolutely, we understand that creating a package may take more than a few minutes and therefore we allow you to save your package and then return to it later to finalise.

There is no time restriction. We do however advise that the Title of the package is entered and saved so that you can find out which package you need to edit from the list of packages that are displayed.
This would be if you are looking at the wrong dashboard. Eg. If you have created a Hajj package, you will not see that in the Umrah section. We have tried to keep both section distinct for ease of use and to allow you to better manage your packages.
Yes, and No. Although the primary purpose of this website is simply to connect customers and agents together, we are developing the full end-to-end process so that you can simply use the site to manage all your bookings, payments, reminders etc. This does not mean that the customer has to be registered on the site. In fact you would be able to create customer records directly into the system. This feature is currently being developed and we will let you know as soon as it is available.
Yes you can. Since we do not host any of the videos, we allow you to embed your YouTube video advert. You will need to create a YouTube account if you have not done so already.
Simply copy and paste your YouTube video URL and we will take care of the rest.
On the view bookings tabs, simply select the Excel icon which will then generate an Excel file containing all your customers.

Flight & hotels

You can select the option 'Not confirmed'
If you know which star rating hotel you will provide, then simply select this star hotel from the drop down e.g. 'Any 5 star hotel'.
This would help to manage expectations. You could also write a list of hotels that you have short-listed which are awaiting confirmation.
You can complete the form 'Hotel not listed?' with all the details. We will then review this and let you know as soon as it is added to the site so you can add this to your package. Normally done within 2-3 business hours.

Profile & accounts

If you don’t have this link, then you can login using the details you used to create your account. Once you have done this, simply select 'Resend activation email' and a new activation is emailed to you. Please ensure you check your spam folders as emails cannot occasionally be delivered there. Be sure to mark this Sender to your safe senders list.

If you are still having problems. Send an email to and we can get this resolved immediately.
You need to ensure that you complete all the mandatory fields. These fields are indicated with an asterisk. Once you have completed these and selected the option to 'Save and Continue', you will be automatically prompted to submit to the site for review. You can always edit your profile as many times as you like. Only the approved profile is displayed on the site, therefore for every submission the site admins will have to do another review.

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